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Words I Never Said

Lmao our candle lit dinner though. I cooked steak et frites avec haricot vert.

We’re fancy AF.

Cause I got the cutest jar for my weed :)

Since we can’t run, can we walk andante?

fucking dumb ass annoying fuck head kid at laser tag when I went with quietthingsneversaid and friends the other night (via bellespivoines)





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Anxious people can have a hard time staying motivated, period, because their intense focus on their worries distracts them from their goals

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~shoves my ass into a mirror~

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Title: Tops bottoming for the first time 117,734 plays


oh my god

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"can i ask you something?" my immediate reply says “go for it" but my mind has already gone through the seven stages of grief

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There’s just no reason to lie to me…I’m too understanding. I get shit. I get life. I know shit happens. I know when it’s not that deep.

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Week 1 complete of tiny teatox.

My bloating went down. But not much of a difference in weight. I didn’t get to stick to my clean eating like I was just due to my friend visiting me for 5days. We’ve been going out a lot and I haven’t been eating very well. That and also drinking for four days straight. The tea makes me feel energized though. I don’t bloat a lot after having a meal. I have been more active than before, but not as much as I should. Once Chris goes back home I’ll be back on track with the healthier eats. So hopefully I’ll be shedding pounds!

Starting weight: 140lbs Goal weight: 125lbs


I think when you have a connection with somebody, it never really goes away

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hot boys are so fun until you realize they don’t want you

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